Product Class Categories

Product ClassFlash PointEvaporationHazard PotentialApplication Recommendation

Cleaning oils

(Vegetable oil-based cleaning agents)
significantly above 100°C fast keine Verdunstung Combustible, but ignition only at very high temperatures Recommended
Hydrocarbon-based washing agents above 100°C sehr geringe Verdunstung Combustible, but ignition only at temperatures above 100°C Recommended
Water-based washing and cleaning agents / emulsions above 55°C geringe Verdunstung Combustible, depending on solvent content Recommended / Permitted
White spirit-based washing agents (A III) 55°C to 100°C recht geringe Verdunstung Combustible Permitted
White spirit (A II) 21°C to 55°C schnelle Verdunstung Flammable Not permitted. Must be replaced.*
Special grades of industrial spirit (A I) below 21°C sehr schnelle Verdunstung Highly flammable Not permitted. Must be replaced.

*In exceptional cases solvents with a flash point above 40 °C are permitted for use with machines manufactured befor 1995


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