Product-Specific Characteristics

Product Class

Product class description of the washing and cleaning agent.
  • Water-based washing and cleaning agents/emulsions

Flash Point

The flash point is the lowest temperature at which a liquid will generate sufficient vapour to form an ignitable mixture with the air above the surface of the liquid.
  • > 100°C

Material Compatibility Test

The material compatibility of the washing and cleaning agent has been tested and approved by the following institutes:
  • not tested
Please note: the materials used in your machine may differ from the standard materials examined in the material test. In case of doubt regarding the material compatibility of a washing agent please contact the manufacturer of your printing machine.

Manufacturers of Printing Machines / Wash-Up Systems

Here is a list of the manufacturers of printing machines and automatic wash-up systems for whom the washing agent has been tested and approved. Please contact the manufacturers for further details.

Dr. Nadine Metz

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